If you're looking for excellent wood flooring, you'll want to consider your species choice with care. Not all species perform the same way, which will mean a lot to your household.

You'll need a very durable species if you have a busy household. But with little traffic, you can get away with less protection.

Why is a species choice so important?

Species are one of the most important choices for durability. Some are much harder than others, which means they'll be more durable.

For a household with light traffic, this won't matter as much. But in a busy home with pets, children, or both, solid hardwood flooring could mean everything.

Durability translates into the lifespan. And since these floors have a reputation for a long lifespan, it's essential.

Which species are hardest?

Some of the hardest species are rare and hard to find. But for most homeowners, oak is a fantastic choice for a durable wood flooring species.

Oak is a common choice among homeowners with lots of traffic. And it takes a stain well, too, for added benefits in other areas.

We can add to the protective nature of your species' choice with sealants and textures. And each layer offers more protection and peace of mind.

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